Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friends vs True Friends

         It's 2.30AM right now and for some reason I can't sleep. Well, I can sleep but I don't want to. At least not yet. Waiting till Sahur coz sekali tido, mmg terus ZZZZZzzzzzzz... Anyways, while I am awake, I suddenly start flashbacking to my youthful days. Specifically when I was in UNITEN.

        I mean I remembered how terrible I felt when I found out I had to come back to Malaysia. I mean, I had a good life when I was in the states, great friends, great entertainments, great memories... So having to come back here was like... S***. Then things change when you meet friends in UNITEN. Had a group and that group was like a good group. We had loads of fun. There were at times DRAMA.. but we had tons of fun.

     Now many of us are married, will be parents. Those who aren't married, I can see how successful they are and happy traveling around. I myself am married and have two wonderful boys that I can't live without... Point is, I am sitting in front of my laptop right now browsing through my Facebook and for some bizarre reason I went through my 'friends' list and realized how few of them I know and still kept in touch. As I flashbacked though, I remembered how my great groupies of friends, or 'sisters for life' group, is really just a phase. I mean really sad... yet it doesn't happen to everyone though. For some, their groups has been keeping in touch and at times meet up. At times, envious to see but nevertheless, what I had was really just a phase.

     So for those who are still studying... and you think you would be friends forever, well, people change, life happens, for all you know, the person who you see everyday, take classes together, joke around, go through sad depressing times, could be your greatest enemy in the future. Or worse, that best friend could just forget everything you have been through together and finds a replacement.

    I learned the definition of friends vs true friends. A friend is when they are nice to you for a period of time and at times they will go through those rough times together. Sometimes, they will lend their shoulders for you to cry on. Sometimes, they will help you when in need. Most of the time they are only there for you because there is no one better at that moment.
While a true friend is when you don't need to see each other everyday or contact each other everyday but when you do meet up, you and that friend could talk forever about anything and everything. A true friend is when they don't give sweet promises about how they will always be there for you no matter what but instead when they sense you have a problem would automatically ask how to help. A true friend is helping each other grow and give each other advice. A true friend is when your greatest moment (for example, wedding... giving birth... admitted in the hospital...) happens, they will be there as support.

   I am blessed to have many friends and once upon a time I really did think my group of friends will last till I have grandkids. But I am more blessed to have found true friends, which I found after my university years and many of them were my colleagues. So, being friends for years doesn't necessarily mean they are your true friends, they might just be your friends. Having thousands of friends is great but having a few good friends in life is priceless.

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